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Elegant Cheese Dessert

Personal Chef/Catering

Picnique is excited to partner with Chef J. Andrew. for personalized catering services in Saskatoon. Chef J. Andrew will work with you to develop a customized menu perfect for all types of picnic gatherings. We are happy to connect you with Chef J. Andrew to discuss how he can make your picnic unforgettable! If you are interested in personalized catering for your picnic, please let us know via our booking inquiry form.

From the Chef:

My name is Chef J. Andrew and I’m a personal private chef.  I have always had a passion for food, it started in a very young age in the kitchen with my grandma baking pies and cookies. I have developed my skills over the last 20 years professionally with experiences in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Germany, Chicago and Napa Valley. I can cater to your specific needs for a unique experience in the comfort of your own home whether it’s a multicourse plated dinner, cocktail party, family style etc. I would love to set up a consult with you to discuss your specific needs and make sure that your event is everything you ever wanted and more. I’m looking forward to being a part of your event and being your personal private chef! 


J. Andrew

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